Clamp On Bucket Hitch | v2
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Clamp On Bucket Hitch | v2 Attachments 192102 BHv2
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Looking for an all-in-one solution for your trailer hitch needs? The Titan Attachments™ clamp on trailer hitch works with all of your 2-in hitch inserts. It also quickly clamps onto the bucket of your skid steer or tractor in seconds. This easy to install model is built to last, and will get the job done in a wide range of situations! This clamp on receiver hitch also features side supports that help to prevent your hitch from turning and twisting when in use. Installation is fast and easy. Simply slide the clamp on hitch over the front edge of your tractor or skid steer’s bucket and use the included heavy duty handle to tighten and secure the receiver hitch to your bucket.

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CLAMP ON BUCKET TRAILER HITCH RECEIVER: Slide this clamp on bucket hitch receiver to the front of your tractor or skid steer bucket’s cutting edge and turn the handle to secure the clamp. Now you can quickly and easily move trailers around your property without needing additional machinery.

COMPATIBLE WITH 2-IN INSERTS: This clamp on trailer hitch receiver is compatible with any 2-in hitch insert, allowing you to slide in your hitch and move trailers of all sizes using your tractor or skid steer’s bucket.

FITS UP TO 2-IN THICK BUCKETS: We have designed this clamp on receiver hitch to be as universal as possible. With the clamp puck installed, you can slide this onto buckets up to 1.5-in thick. Need more room? Simply remove the screw on puck for additional space to fit up to 2-in thick buckets.

EASY INSTALLATION: Install this clamp on hitch in seconds. Simply slide the receiver hitch onto your bucket’s cutting edge. Tighten the clamp handle to secure and you are ready to move trailers around your homestead or at your job site.

DIMENSIONS: The overall length of this bucket hitch is 16.5-in. The main body is 2.5-in wide and has an overall width of 7.5-in at the side support tabs. Accepts 2-in hitch inserts.


- Easily move trailers around your property in seconds.
- Redesigned to include side tabs to prevent shifting while in use.
- Standard 2-in receiver.
- Fits bucket lips up to 2-in.
- Clamp handle and puck are included.

- Weight: 21 Lb.
- Color: Black
- Length: 16.5-in
- Height Without Clamp Handle: 7.5-in
- Overall Width: 7.5-in
- Bottom Tube: 2.5-in x 2.5-in
- Top Tube: 2-in x 2-in

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