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Universal Attachments

When it comes to getting the job done, sometimes you just need to know that an attachment is going to work with the equipment that you have on hand. Universal attachments take the guesswork out of your job by working with virtually any make and model of tractor, forklift, telehandler and skid steer. When you opt for universal attachments as opposed to specialty attachments, you can be confident that you are getting a tool for the job that is going to fit your equipment on hand every time. Also, when a universal attachment breaks down, finding the appropriate replacement is generally a breeze.

Titan Universal Attachment Bestsellers

One very popular attachment is the 32" Square Hay Bale Spear. Its capacity of 3,000 pounds makes it one of our Titan universal attachment bestsellers. This spear is well-suited for use in virtually any grapple, bucket or hay attachment along with various other tractor or skid steer attachments. Another extremely popular universal attachment at Titan is our 4'x9' 8" Telehandler Work Platform Man Basket. It is made from sturdy steel material and is trusted to be safe as well as reliable for your aerial job needs. With the utmost in protection built into its design, this man basket features mesh screen flooring for safety, inward-facing doors and internal handrails. For even more security and peace of mind, the doors feature safety pins and latches.

These are just a couple of the high-quality universal attachments available from Titan. We have well over a hundred universal attachments to meet your job needs.

What Makes an Attachment Universal?

Many attachments are designed to only work with one or a few makes or models of equipment. This can be incredibly frustrating when a replacement is needed and that attachment becomes unavailable. Another headache is when you order an attachment only to find that it does not actually attach to your equipment. What makes an attachment universal is that it does away with these scenarios by being compatible with virtually all makes and models across the board. In the rare instance that a universal attachment you purchase does not work with your equipment, we have a customer service team that will be sure to find a solution.

Universal Attachment Accessories

We also offer a sizable variety of universal attachment accessories. Some examples would be our bucket teeth assembly sets, weld-on or bolt-on grab hooks, and various add-ons for transformer tow frames.

At Titan, we make sure to meet all of your equipment needs by providing a wide assortment of universal attachments at low prices. With free shipping available, we can get you meeting the demands of the job without worrying about unnecessary added costs.