Skid Steer Tree Shears

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tree shears

tree shears are farm equipment designed to clear wooded areas. they are also useful in removing unwanted trees and brushes from your farm, and the shears are designed to handle 14-inch-thick branches. here is what you need to know about titan tree shears features and specifications.

titan tree shear features & specifications

titan provides tree shear attachments for industrial use. rotating tree shears are quick and efficient in clearing unwanted debris. the hydraulic cylinders of the shears offer enough force to cut through thick trees. the 5-by-12-inch shears have a cutting power of up to 30 tons, and they are designed for cutting or severing trees and not pulling trees.

the attachment has a universal skid steer to connect to different tractors and loaders. the head of the tree sheer rotates 90 degrees.

additionally, the shear blades are heat-treated to harden them against abrasion. once you purchase tree shears, they come with flat-faced couplers and hoses. the shears weigh 950 pounds.

tree shear attachments for industrial use

tree shear attachments for industrial use are heavy-duty machinery recommended for farmers. the industrial design is thicker and handles thicker stems. tree shear attachments for industrial use are also easily mounted and bolted for use on other machines. the shears are designed for maximum durability and simple operation.

rotating vs hydraulic tree shears

as a farmer, you need to know the difference between rotating and hydraulic tree shears. although these tree shears will help you manage trees on your farm, they work using different mechanisms. additionally, they offer you different experiences.

rotating shears allow you to cut ground-level trees and up to 8-inch-wide limbs. you can use the rotating shears from a skid steer or tractor equipped with the skid steer quick tach system. the shears rotate to 90 degrees allowing you to trim limbs to ground level.

hydraulic tree shears are suitable for cutting trees, branches, and bushes. they are flexible and can be used for fields, forests, and riverbanks. these shears are also ideal for clearing and felling trees and maintaining forestry parks.

tree shears are farm equipment necessary for any farm. they play a massive role in maintaining and managing your farm. you can find the perfect pair of tree shears that fits your required standards.