72-in Fine Grade Rock Grapple Skeleton Bucket W/ Teeth For John Deere Loader
Item No. 115014
72-in Fine Grade Rock Grapple Skeleton Bucket W/ Teeth For John Deere Loader Attachments 115014 JD72RBFGGRAP
Item No. 115014
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This 72-inch fine grade grapple rake is ideal for collecting rocks and other debris. We designed the Titan Attachment's Fine Grade Rock Grapple to fit a John Deere loader with 3-inch tine spacing to sift smaller debris and material from your dirt, sand, and soil. Included with your purchase are hoses and flat-faced couplers and two 2.5-inch bore x 8-inch stroke hydraulic cylinders. This attachment features a skeleton frame with 6 replaceable teeth and fifteen 0.5-inch steel tines, making rock and brush removal easy. The frame is built with 3-in x 3-in steel tubing and weighs 1,168-pounds. The outside width of this rock bucket is 74-inches and the inside width is 73-inches. The maximum opening height is 35.5-inches. The buckets 1-inch cutting edge is equipped with replaceable C3R02 Teeth that are 6-in long.

GREAT FOR LANDSCAPING: If you need to remove debris from your yard, garden, or farm, then this tool is perfect for you! It can help you sift through rocks, roots, logs, brush, and more while returning the valuable dirt to your land. Whether you are moving parts, transporting pipes, or grooming the lawn, you will want to invest in this piece of extremely useful equipment. 

HOOK AND PIN CONNECTION: This grapple bucket is designed to fit John Deere tractors equipped with the hook and pin carrier. Top pin set fits H120, D120, 210, 200x, 200cx, 300cx, 300x, 305, 400x, 400cx, 410, 419, 420, 430, 440, and 460 series loaders. The bottom pin set fits 500, 510, 520, 521, 540, 541, and 542 series Ag loaders.

SKELETON FRAME: At Titan Attachments, performance is key. That is why this tractor and truck implement is designed with a skeleton frame. It is perfect for clearing rocks and large debris. The skeleton frame allows you to clear your land without hauling the dirt away. Clear out thick brush or heavy debris using this strong rock grapple loader. 

REPLACEABLE TEETH: This attachment features teeth that can be easily replaced. This grapple is intended for heavy-duty work. It can dig or pull trees or rocks from the ground. This attachment provides an exceptional grip, so you can get to all those pesky rocks or pull out that irritating brush with ease. The maximum opening height is 35.5-inches.

DIMENSIONS: This grapple rake weighs approximately 1,168-pounds. It has an inside width of 73-inches, an outside width of 74-inches, and a depth of 49-inches. The tines of the grapple rake are spaced 3-inches apart with a thickness of 0.5-inches and the cutting edge is 1-inch. 

NOTE: When you order this grapple rake, you will need to provide your phone number so the trucking and shipping company can schedule delivery.


- Fits John Deere hook and pin style carriers
- Reinforced side cutters and cutting edge for long life
- Open fine grade tines for sifting debris
- 6 Replaceable teeth 
- (2) 2.5-in bore x 8-in stroke hydraulic cylinders

- Max Opening Height: 35.5-in.
- Outside Width: 74-in.
- Inside Width: 73-in.
- Overall Depth: 49-in.
- Spacing Between Tines: 3-in.
- Steel Thickness: 0.5-in. 
- Cutting Edge: 1-in.
- Tooth Count: 6
- Color: Powder-Coated Green
- Product Weight: 1,168 lb.

Replacement Teeth Available:
125048- LW80KIT - Single Tooth Assembly 125049- LW80KIT(3) - Three Pack Tooth Assembly 125050- LW80KIT(5) - Five Pack Tooth Assembly

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