Skid Steer Stump Buckets

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stump buckets

stump buckets for skid steers are designed for a variety of uses. the titan stump bucket features a wide range of functions that will help you with shredding underbrush and debris. stump buckets are made from heavy-duty steel making them suitable for working under severe conditions. farming, forestry, landscaping, and construction are the main areas where stump buckets are used. here is some information that you need to know about stump buckets.

titan stump bucket features

titan stump buckets are designed with a steeper angle for aggressive digging of stumps. the bucket can be used in any loader or tractor with a skid steer quick tach system. the lightweight bucket provides you with the maximum lifting capacity of the loader. here are other titan stump bucket features.

the bucket is made with a universal skid steer connection. the design allows the skid steer bucket to fit most tractors, loaders, and skid steers. the versatility offers you an opportunity to use almost all tractors and loaders with your stump bucket. the universal skid steer is also quick to connect to your tractor.

the edge of the stump bucket is serrated. the heavy-duty edge is suitable for breaking through most types of undergrowth and shredding the root system instead of using shears or saws. you will save the most time when using this stump bucket.

the titan stump bucket is designed to withstand breaking roots and removing stumps. the 1/2-inch thick steel provides the required reinforcements. the stump bucket also comes with three heavy-duty replaceable cast iron teeth. at titan, we offer a one-year warranty. we also offer many financing options to ensure that you can get the product soon while you pay it off in intervals.

types of stump buckets

there are different types of stump buckets. the 4-in-1 bucket is a versatile piece of equipment on your farm. apart from backfilling, the bucket will also help in dozing, grappling, and digging.

a grapple bucket is designed to pick rocks and debris from the soil. grapples are additional features that help in securing other materials.

what stump buckets can be used for

if you're wondering what stump buckets can be used for, they actually have an array of uses. the buckets can be used to dig footings around the house. additionally, when carrying concrete slabs around the farm, stump buckets will come in handy. moreover, stump buckets will help in uprooting tree stumps. the edge of the stump bucket is designed to shred roots and other debris.

removing a large stump with a stump bucket

if have purchased a stump bucket and want to know about removing a large stump with a stump bucket, follow this procedure:

  • drive your tractor up to the stump and engage the parking brake.
  • connect to the bucket via the skid steer quick tach carrier.
  • reposition the tractor to commence the digging.
  • once the stump and roots have been exposed, loosen the soil around them using a shovel.
  • cut the roots using an ax to free the stump.
  • join the ratchet wench strap to the stump and the bucket.
  • remove the stump from the hole and dispose of it properly.
  • refill the hole with the soil you first removed.

stump buckets will play a huge role in your farm. there are plenty of different stump buckets, so you can get one that is best for your needs.