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tree pullers

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tree pullers

using tree puller attachments on your skid steer is one of the most cost-effective ways of clearing land. our attachments are designed to last, and they are as easy to use as any other skid steer attachment. find out exactly what a tree puller can be used for on your properties and discover why we stand by our products.

titan tree puller features

our tree puller attachments fit universally on most standard skid steers. they’re designed to pull out the toughest stumps, but you can safely use them to remove posts. our titan tree puller features a single hinge for extra durability, and it has a premium, powder-coated finish. the titan heavy-duty puller delivers 3,000 pounds of clamping force, and our logging winch attachment can handle up to 7.5 tons.

how tree pullers work

if you want to understand how tree pullers work, then you have to know the difference between the two main types. a standard attachment uses hydraulic clamps to grab onto the stump, and the skid steer lifts it out of the ground. the second type is a logging winch, and it doesn’t use a clamp. you simply attach the cable securely around the base of the tree and the winch slowly pulls it out of the way.

what a tree puller can be used for

a tree puller can be used for all kinds of jobs around your home or farm. its main job is to clear out stumps, but you can use it to remove just about anything stuck in the ground. a clamping attachment is plenty to get those kinds of jobs done, but a logging winch takes things to another level. you can use it to pull almost anything, and it works just like a vehicle winch. it’s perfect for clearing your land of fallen trees after a heavy storm.

how to attach a tree puller

if you know how to use other attachments, then you already know how to attach a tree puller. move your attachment to a level surface and slowly connect the attachment while operating your skid steer. just follow the basic safety guidelines, and make sure that the attachment is secured once you mount it. double-check to make sure that any hydraulic lines are securely in place, and check any safety guards for damage.

a tree puller attachment turns hours of work into minutes. if you’ve ever had multiple trees down on your property, then you know how hard it can be to clean up the mess. a tree puller can make clearing land easier, so you can get back to doing other important tasks.