Heavy-Duty Post And Tree Puller For Skid Steers, Universal Landscape Tool
Item No. 198110
Heavy-Duty Post And Tree Puller For Skid Steers, Universal Landscape Tool Attachments 198110 TTP13
Item No. 198110
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UNIVERSAL FOR SKID STEERS: This tree and fence post puller attachment has a universal fit for most skid steer and tractor models, including Bobcat and Kubota. This versatile skid steer attachment lets you take on any landscaping challenge with ease. Whether you need a remover for fence posts or tree roots, this attachment tool makes it easier to get the job done.

POWDER-COATED FINISH: This fence post/tree puller attachment is made with a powder coating on the steel. This coat makes it more resistant to corrosion and rust over time. Since this attachment is used in rough or damp environments for landscaping or farm work, this resistance to corrosion is essential to keep the attachment in working order for years to come.

HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS & SINGLE HINGE PIN: The Titan skid steer tree, fence, and post puller attachment is equipped with 2” x 10” hydraulic cylinders to power the jaws. This equipment delivers 3000 lbs of clamping force to pull stubborn tree roots or fence posts directly from the ground. These jaws also have a single hinge pin for a strong attachment and increased durability.

INCLUDES HOSES & FLAT-FACED COUPLERS: This attachment tool has flat-faced couplers and hoses to help maintain consistent pressure levels during operation. These features come together to preserve the longevity of the attachment. They also protect your landscape kit and accessories investment and allow you to accomplish more work over a longer period of time.

RUGGED STEEL TEETH: To remove tough roots and wood fencing posts from the ground, this attachment has powerful reinforced steel jaws with rugged 1” thick metal teeth. These jaws are capable of removing 12” wide trees directly from the ground without leaving any pieces behind. The attachment can also be used for clearing and moving brush and other foliage to clean up your job site.

From helping with your private yard, garden, or farm to professional landscaping jobs, this Titan skid steer tree, fence, and post puller attachment provides flexible solutions for tree, root, and fence post removal. This versatile tool is quick and easy to mount to skid steers and tractors from many major brands, including Kubota, Bobcat, New Holland, and more. This attachment is a great addition to your construction and landscaping equipment. Whether you need to remove stubborn fence posts, take care of tough tree roots, or clean up a job site, this attachment covers all your needs. The post/tree puller is made of 3” x 3” steel tubing. It is also equipped with powerful jaws with 1” steel teeth to take out tall trees at the base without leaving roots or debris behind. It also comes with hoses and flat-faced couplers to maintain more consistent pressure levels as you operate it. This helps to increase the longevity of the attachment, protecting your investment so that you can accomplish more work over a longer period of time. It also has durable 2” x 10” hydraulic cylinders for smooth operation. These cylinders deliver up to 3,000 pounds of clamping force to remove posts and roots. The jaw hinge incorporates a single pin. The whole attachment is powder coated to help prevent corrosion. This attachment has a maximum opening of 12”, allowing you to remove any tree, post, root, or log up to 12” in diameter. The entire attachment weighs 330 pounds. For more versatility in landscape, farm, or other work, incorporate this attachment to take on any task.


- Fits Universal Skid Steer Quick Tach (Kubota, Bobcat, New Holland, Etc.)
- Great for pulling up wood post and t posts
- Single hinge pin
- Finish: Powder Coated
- 2" Hydraulic Cylinder
- Hoses and flat faced couplers included 
- Max opening: 12" (303mm as stated in the drawing)
- Material: 3" x 3" Steel tubes
- Teeth thickness: 1"
- Weight: 330"

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