Forklift Mounted Front Loader Dump Bucket
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Forklift Mounted Front Loader Dump Bucket Attachments 114302 FELOADER
Item No. 114302
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The Titan Attachments™ Forklift Mounted Front Loader Dump Bucket allows you to easily load or sweep in loose debris for easy clearing.


The Titan Attachments™ 64” wide loading and dumping bucket is designed to attach to your forklift or category II pallet fork attachment connected to your tractor or skid steer. Designed with a beveled front lip, you will have smooth contact with the ground. This allows you to easily sweep in trash and debris in your warehouse as well as pushing into snow, dirt, salt and rocks, making it a multipurpose chain on attachment. Once your material is loaded into the box, simply raise over your container or dumping area and pull the included dump cord to release the buckets locking feature. The dumping bucket will swing forward releasing the material. Simply lower the bucket back to the ground to return it to its locking position. This can all be done from your cab, so there is no need to leave your machine.

HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: The loading and dumping bucket is constructed with .25” thick structural steel. The loading bucket is welded to provide a leak proof performance when handling snow and fine grain material such as salt and sand, as well as larger material like rocks, debris, and dirt.

CHAIN ON DESIGN: The 64” wide loading and dumping bucket is designed to attach to forklift or pallet fork attachment on your tractor or skid steer. Simply slide in your pallet forks blades into the pair of 3” x 6.25” fork pockets. Connect the heavy duty chain to your frame to secure the bucket and the fork pocket side clamps prevent the bucket from shifting.

BLACK POWDER COATED FINISH: The heavy duty dumping bucket is built with ¼" thick steel that is powder coated black. The powder coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion, keeping your loading and dumping bucket performing like new, use after use.

MANUAL DUMP LEVER: The Titan Attachments Forklift Dumping Bucket features a manual dumping lever that is engaged using the included pull cord. Once the bucket has been emptied, simply lower it to the ground to return it to its original locked and loading position.

DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the forklift dump bucket is 64”. The back height of the inside of the bucket will be 14.5” with an inside depth of 55” providing plenty of loading capacity. The overall weight of the bucket will be 515 LB.

- Powder coated steel frame.
- Safety chain and dumping pull cord included.
- One man operation.
- Beveled lip to sit close to the floor or ground.
- Welded bucket to prevent leaking.
- Attaches to pallet fork blades. 

- Overall Weight: 515 LB
- Overall Width: 64”
- Overall Height: 24”
- Fork Pocket Dimensions: 3” x 6.25”
- Capacity: 4,000 LB
- Pull Cord Length: 9’6”

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