60" Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Loader
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60" Grapple Bucket Skid Steer Loader Attachments 114101 60TINE+(8)S39C1
Item No. 114101
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The Titan 60" tine grapple comes with nine United Bales Spears™, 32" Conus 1 tines and its the ideal skid steer attachment for picking up brush, loose hay, or bales.


When you work on a farm or ranch, you become quite acquainted with hay bales. They’re just a necessary part of your daily routine. Sometimes bales need to be moved and transported to help feed your animals and livestock. At Titan, we’ve made that job easier for you with our Hay Bale Spear and Grapple Rake. This modern piece of hardware features high-quality spears forged by United Bale Spears. They are painted red and stamped with the United Bale Spears logo, so you’ll know they’re the real deal. They’re also made in the United States, guaranteeing greater quality and superior craftsmanship. This attachment includes a Conus 1 tine fork and 8 hay bale spears, making gathering hay easier. Each spear measures 39” in length and can support a weight capacity of up to 1350 lbs. Use this attachment to help you lift and stack round or square hay bales to your heart’s content. It’s great for use on the farm or ranch when you need to feed your horses, cows, and other animals. It is designed to fit any loader or hauler with a universal skid steer mount. It includes easy-to-grease pins and bushings to help you set it up. You’ll also get hoses and flat-faced couplers. This attachment also comes with a hose spring that keeps the hydraulic hoses from getting pinched while in use. This attachment features twin 3000 PSI cylinders, making it a dynamic piece of equipment. When you place your order, we will need your phone number so that the trucking company can schedule delivery. Without it, there will be delays. Add this attachment to your tractor supplies, tools, and implements today.

USE FOR TRANSPORTING HAY BALES: Hay bales can be difficult to move because of their heavy weight and odd shape. Fortunately, our silage rake comes with 8 hale bale spears, so it will accurately and precisely stab your hay bales. Additionally, the grapple rake can help you collect brush and loose hay, making your farming tasks easier. 

SKID STEER HOOKUP: At Titan, we believe that you shouldn’t waste your time with complicated instructions and difficult pieces of hardware when installing your new gear. That’s why we use a universal skid steer style hookup for our hay bale spear and grapple rake. This piece of equipment also comes with easy-to-grease pins and bushings to further ease installation. 

POWERFUL CAPACITY: This attachment is built for superior power. It utilizes a twin 3000 PSI cylinder engine, making it a sturdy and efficient piece of machinery. Additionally, each spear can handle an impressive weight capacity of up to 1350 lbs., allowing you to carry and lift hefty objects with no problem. 

HIGH-QUALITY SPEARS: We use genuine United Bale Spears for our hay bale spear and grapple rake. Each spear has been forged and tempered for maximum strength. In fact, each spear can support 1350 lbs. of weight. These spears have been painted red, stamped with the United Bale Spear logo, and trademarked with our blue nut, so you’ll know they’re authentic.  

SPECIFICATIONS: This system weighs approximately 680 lbs. It has an opening height of 30” and includes cylinder back stoppers that prevent the upper clamps from becoming hyperextended or getting stuck in the upright position. It is 60” and has a side thickness of 1/2". The spears measure 39” in length.

- Universal skid steer style hookup
- Hose spring keeps the hydraulic hoses from getting pinched when in use.
- Cylinder Back stoppers prevent the upper clamps from getting stuck in the upright position or hyper extended.
- Greasable pins and bushings
- Hoses and flat faced couplers are included
- Twin 3,000 PSI cylinder
- Fully Forged Spears
- Hay spears included 
- Weight: 680 lbs
- Width: 60"
- Opening Height: 30"
- Side Thickness: 1/2"
- Number of spears: 8
- Spear length: 39"
- Spear Capacity: 1,350 lbs (Each Spear)

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