Item No. 161100
5/16" Attachment Mount Plate for Skidsteer bobcat kubota
Item No. 161100
5/16" Attachment Mount Plate for Skidsteer bobcat kubota Attachments 161100 516MP
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product overview

This 5/16" thick mount plate by Titan can easily weld or bolt onto plows, forks, or any attachment that you want to convert for quick hookup. Show More Show Less


Product Dimensions

  • Thickness: 5/16"


  • Thickness: 5/16"
  • Plate Type: Solid


DESIGNED FOR BOBCAT AND KUBOTA: Titan’s skid steer attachments were made specifically for Bobcat and Kubota tractors. They will easily weld or bolt onto plows, forks, or other tractor accessories made for Kubota and Bobcat. Add the quick tach mount system to your tractor parts and yard equipment today.

UNIVERSAL SKID STEER: When you have yard work that needs to be done, you want it done fast. Plowing snow, removing debris, or transporting scraps can be tedious when done by hand. Use your tractor to help you. With our mount plate, you can add virtually any attachment. Its skid steer style construction makes hooking up pallet forks, plows, grapples, and other parts much easier.

HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Our tractor plates are made from grade 50 structural steel. These steel plates are strong enough to handle heavy load work. You can pack on excessive weight without worrying about the plates bowing or bending. These structural steel plates have greater resistance to corrosion than standard steel, giving you years of use.

MEASUREMENTS: This mount plate has an outside width of 46” and an inside width of 45”. It is 18.5” tall. The top bar is 3/8" thick. The plate is 5/16” thick. It weighs approximately 85 pounds. Its convenient size makes setup and hookup to your tractor straightforward and effortless. Order yours today!

ABOUT TITAN: At Titan, we pride ourselves in our excellent communication capabilities. We are always willing to answer questions if you need to contact us. Our full-time teams work around the clock to make sure you get high-quality products and service for a wallet-friendly price. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will provide a money-back guarantee.

Attaching your tractor parts is made simpler with our skid steer style mount plate. This mount plate was designed for Bobcat and Kubota tractors and loaders. Weld or bolt down plows, forks, and other tractor gear to this mount plate. It will make clearing debris, plowing snow, and yard work much simpler and faster. We made it a universal skid steer for easy conversion. It’s made out of heavy-duty grade 50 structural steel. Structural steel is renowned for its ability to handle heavy loads and resistance to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for machinery. It’s long-lasting, so you’ll get years of use from it. The mount plate’s outside width measures at 46” and its inside measures at 45”. It has a height of 18.5”. The top bar is 3/8" thick. The plate is 5/16” thick. It weighs about 85 pounds. Add the mount plate to your tractor accessories today. Titan Attachments strives to provide exceptional customer service. We’ve worked hard to create a name for ourselves in the market so you have someone to rely on when your equipment needs to be fixed or updated. At Titan, our first priority is to give our customers the service they deserve. We’ve also made communication a key concept. That means that we don’t just pass your buck when you place your order. If you have questions or concerns along the way, we want to know so that we can help you have the best possible experience. You can trust our team of experts because they work around the clock to ensure that you won't have to worry about any aspect of your order once it’s in our hands. Order from Titan to equip yourself with the best and when you have to replace lawn mower, tractor, or other machine parts.

- Fits skid steers with the universal quick tach mounting system and tractors with the skid steer style quick tach
- Grade 50 structural steel

- Weight: 85 lb
- Outside width: 46"
- Inside width: 45"
- Height: 18.5"
- Top bar: 3/8" thick
- Plate: 5/16" thick

Additional Info

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -<

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