Solenoid Valve Kit
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Solenoid Valve Kit Attachments 126517 SVKIT
Item No. 126517
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Solenoid Valve Kit by Titan Attachments® allows you to easily add another hydraulic circuit such as a grapple to your equipment. The kit features a 3rd valve package, allowing for additional hydraulic attachments. This is ideal for when you need to tilt attachments such as post drives, grapples, 4-in-1 buckets, and more. 

- The 3rd Valve Kit comes unassembled and will require light assembly
- Operator will need to wire the kit to their battery, the SVKIT does not come with additional extensions leading to power source


- 3rd Valve Package included for use with Hydraulically Operated Attachments
- Valve package is mounted on Tilt Attach for use with hydraulic powered attachments
- Simple connection by electric wiring keeps valves and hoses out of operator's cabin
- Easily add another hydraulic circuit such as a grapple to your equipment
- This item is equipped with our Universal Hydraulic Valve Kit to be used with other Hydraulic Attachments such as Post Driver, Grapples, 4 in 1 Bucket, etc
- Requires a 12V battery connection
- Includes a 4 function controller
- Does not include extension harness

- Hydraulic Pressure: 3,600psi
- Flow Rate: 10 GPM.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -<

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