Fork Mounted Tilting 55 Gallon Drum Dumper | 800 LB Capacity | Titan Attachments
Item No. 114208
Fork Mounted Tilting 55 Gallon Drum Dumper | 800 LB Capacity | Titan Attachments Attachments 114208 FKLDD
Item No. 114208
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The Titan Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

The Titan Attachments Fork Mounted Drum Dumper is designed to be compatible with most pallet fork attachments, forklifts, and fork trucks. Simply slide your pallet fork blades into the built in fork pockets on the 55-Gallon Drum Dumper to quickly and easily convert your machine into a drum handler.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

Convert your forklift or pallet fork attachment into a 55-Gallon Drum Handler without needing additional attachments or machines.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

Use the Fork Mounted Drum Dumper to transport and lift 55-Gallon Drums filled with debris, waste, bio-diesel, fuel, and scrap, and dump and pour using the built in 10-ft chain pull.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

The 55-Gallon drum is secured using the provided safety chain. Lock the safety chain around your drum with the hand crank lever for a secure and tight fit.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

The 30:1 gear ratio provides a smooth rotation to prevent a sudden dump of your material.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

Secure the fork mounted rum dumper to your fork blades using the two T-Handle clamps to prevent the attachment from sliding when in use.

Fork Mounted Drum Dumper

The built in chain tray allows you to store your 10-ft pull chain without dragging it across the surface when in transit and not in use.


The Titan Attachments™ Fork Mounted Drum Dumper allows you to easily load 55-gallon drums filled with up to 800 lb of material such as debris, bio-diesel, scrap metal, fuel and more, for easy dumping or pouring. Simply slide your forks into the full-length fork pockets and secure the drum dumper to the blades using the T-handle clamps. The drum is secured using a chain and locking handle. Once your drum is over the desired location, use the 10-ft pull chain to start rotating the 55-gallon drum to pour its contents. Now you can convert any forklift or pallet fork attachment to a drum handler.

CONVERT YOUR FORKLIFT TO A DRUM HANDLER: The fork mounted drum dumper allows you to convert your forklift or pallet fork attachment into a drum handler. Simply slide your forks into the fork blade pockets and secure using the T-Handle clamps. Manual rotation, so no 3rd function valves required.

DESIGNED FOR DUMPING 55 GALLON DRUMS: The drum dumper is designed to handle 55-gallon drums. Whether your drum is filled with debris, or liquid such as bio-diesel, you can transport, lift and empty its contents easily with your pallet fork blades.

YELLOW POWDER COATED FINISH: The heavy duty fork mounted drum dumper is built with .25-in thick steel that is powder coated yellow. The powder coating helps protect the steel from rust and corrosion, keeping your drum handler performing like new, use after use.

10-FT CHAIN PULL DUMP MECHANISM: The HD Drum Dumper offers a manual drum rotation by using the 10-ft pull chain. The 30:1 gear allows for a smooth rotation to prevent a sudden dump of your 55-gallon drum contents.

DIMENSIONS: The fork pockets are 2.5-in x 7-in and are 30.25-in long. These fork pockets are spaced 31.5-in apart, center to center. The max capacity of the drum dumper is 800 lb. The pull chain is 10-ft long, providing plenty of length for higher dumping applications.

- Powder coated steel frame.
- Safety chain and 10-ft dumping chain included.
- Built In box for pull chain storage.
- One man operation.
- Attaches to pallet fork blades.
- Greased HD gears allow for smooth drum rotation.
- Designed for 55 gallon drums.

- Overall Weight: 175 lb
- Max Capacity: 800 lb
- Fork Pocket Spacing: 31.5-in Center to Center
- Fork Pocket Dimensions: 2.5-in x 7-in
- Fork Pocket Length: 30.25-in
- Gear Ratio: 30:1
- Pull Chain Length: 10-Ft

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