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industrial cranes

big construction jobs often require the use of industrial cranes. as a major piece of equipment, industrial cranes are an investment, but they are worth it since they can do things that other machines aren’t equipped to handle. industrial cranes are used to lift heavy things and move them from one section of a construction site to another. to get the gear that you need without breaking the bank, consider getting an industrial crane from titan. we offer solid alternatives to brand name tractor attachments.

titan industrial crane features

most people are familiar with tower cranes, which are installed into the ground while a construction project is ongoing. industrial cranes are mobile pieces that you can attach to different types of equipment like forklifts or skid steers. these types of cranes come with different features. titan industrial cranes include adjustable hoist forklift jibs, hoist swivel cranes and fork mounted crane jibs. they have features such as:

  • powder-coated finishes
  • two hooks
  • double-fork designs

they fit most machines, and you can attach a crane quickly. you’ll appreciate the low prices on these quality products. we offer free and fast shipping on every equipment piece that you order through our user-friendly website.

what industrial cranes can do

industrial cranes can be used to move heavy materials like concrete and steel. these are two main elements used to build safe structures. with one crane, you can perform the work of many people. an industrial crane will make it possible for you to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently.

when you invest in an industrial crane, you’ll have a piece of equipment that you can move from place to place. we offer a free one-year warranty on every equipment piece that we sell. we know that purchasing a crane is an investment, and we want you to have peace of mind. we also offer convenient financing options for those who need payment flexibility.

jib crane vs gantry crane

when it comes to jib cranes vs gantry cranes, the differences include their point of contact. for instance, a jib crane’s point of contact is from the place where the crane extends while a gantry crane comes with anchors on each end. a horizontal i-beam adds support to the two anchors.

gantry cranes are usually on wheels. this means that you can roll the crane from one location to another. since a jib crane is generally connected to the ground or a wall, they operates as the anchor point that provides balance to the crane.

gantry cranes are best for loads that you need to lift and move to another area in a straight line. jib cranes are better for small work areas. you can also use a jib crane with a power winch to move materials from the ground to someplace that’s higher up like a roof or a truck bed.

manufactured in the us

titan tractor attachments like our industrial cranes fit john deere equipment and major brands like kubota, new holland, bobcat and other well-known tractor brands. we consider consumer feedback when developing, pricing and providing shipping options. our industrial cranes are quick-attach items that you can use right away. adding an industrial crane to your equipment collection will help you complete construction jobs quickly.