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3-point wood chippers

getting the right wood chipper is one of the most important things you can do if you want the process to be straightforward and easy. titan wood chippers are available in two connections, one that is mounted onto your tractor’s 3-point hitch, and another that is mounted to your skid steer quick tach loader. find out how to properly use a wood chipper.

titan wood chipper features & advantages

the titan wood chipper is one of the best wood chippers that you can buy. it comes with attachments and features that make the whole process as simple as possible. some of the titan wood chipper features and advantages include:

  • adjustable exit chute – one of the best features of the titan three-point wood chipper is its adjustable exit chute. these chutes are fully adjustable, meaning that you'll be able to completely control where the chips land as they come out of the machine. not only does it make the entire process safer since you can control the chip flow, but it also makes it easier for you to direct the chips to a collection area or to a space where they can be easily discarded.
  • oversized rotor outfitted with reversible blades – once the chipper is attached to your tractor's three-point hitch system, it will be easy to use and to move around. the chipper’s three-point hitch system means that no other motor, parts, or attachments are necessary, simplifying the entire task. the feed chute is detachable and comes with hinges, making it easy to reduce the chipper to a more compact size for storage and/or moving about. the pto shaft allows for seamless power transfer between the chipper and the tractor.
  • perfect for up to 60hp tractors – one of the best features of the titan three-point wood chipper is that it’s very versatile, making it perfect for tractors ranging all the way up to 60 horsepower. since this is a common horsepower level, it makes the chipper a great option for many of the most-used tractors.

how to properly use a wood chipper

when it comes to using a wood chipper, safety is paramount. if you’re wondering how to properly use a wood chipper, follow this advice:

  • make sure that your wood chipper is placed on solid ground when in use.
  • make sure that the chipper’s bolts are tightened and that everything is in good shape before use. this is because wood chippers cause lots of vibration, so you don't want to have any loose bolts.
  • wear protective eye gear, and stand back as far as possible to avoid being injured by errant pieces of wood.
  • check the limb width of the wood you intend to chip, and make sure that it falls within your manufacturer's guidelines.
  • only chip raw, untreated wood since the chemicals on treated wood can damage your chipper's blades.

wood chippers for home & commercial use

commercial wood chippers are those that are bought for use in commercial applications like farming and other businesses. one of the most common types of wood chippers for home and commercial use is the tow-behind chipper that uses a gas engine for power. there are also special types of chippers called skid-steer chippers that are placed on the hydraulic port of a skid steer.

one key thing to keep in mind when using a wood chipper is to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with the power source of the vehicle that you'll be using to tow it. the key is to find a wood chipper that makes the task easy to handle so that you're able to move on to the next job in your list.