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Triple Carry Adapter and 3 Trash Can Grabbers | Complete Kit
Item No. 191430
Triple Carry Adapter and 3 Trash Can Grabbers | Complete Kit
Item No. 191430
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The Titan Attachments Triple Adapter and Trash Can Grabber Kit allows you to transport up to 3 of your garbage cans to and from the curb effortlessly.

Carrying heavy trash and recycle garbage cans down long or steep driveways can be a pain when doing it by hand. With the Titan Attachments™ Triple Carry Adapter and Trash Grabber bundle, now you can use your subcompact tractor equipped with a hydraulic 3pt lift to transport up to 3 garbage cans. Simply slide the trash can grabbers into the 2” receivers and use your hydraulics to lift the garbage cans off the ground. This now allows you to quickly and easily load and unload the cans to the curb. No more hassling with long or steep driveways. The trash grabber triple carry adapter weighs only 37 LB and has an overall height of 5”. The overall width of the can grabber tri-adapter is 71”” with the main receiver sleeve measuring 12”. The trash grabber weighs only 8 LB and has an overall height of 12”. The overall length of the can grabber is 13.5” with the receiver sleeve measuring 12”. On the main receiver sleeve there are a total of 3 pin holes, allowing you to insert the triple can grabber adapter into your receiver hitch at the perfect distance. The triple adapter is designed to be used in conjunction with the Titan Attachments Trash Grabber to carry up to three cans at one time, no need to make multiple trips! With this bundle, you receive one of the triple adapters and 3 of the trash can grabbers.

EASILY TRANSPORT GARBAGE CANS TO THE CURB: The Titan Attachments Trash Grabbers and Triple Adapter kit is the ideal solution for transporting your recycle can or garbage can up and down long or steep driveways. No need to hassle with carrying these heavy and bulky trash cans by hand and risk falling or flipping the can over. Carry up to 3 cans at once.

FITS 2” RECEIVERS: The triple trash can grabber adapter is designed to fit standard 2” receiver hitches. The hitch sleeve will have three mounting holes which allows you to position the can triple trash can grabber adapter at the perfect depth in your receiver hitch.

POWDER COATED STEEL BODY: Our trash grabbers and the tri-adapter are made of structural steel and comes powder coated. Powder coating the frame of the triple adapter and trash grabbers helps to protect them against rust and corrosion allowing them to look and perform like new for years to come.

HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: The horizontal support tube frame on the triple adapter is made from 2”x2” tubing with 1/4" steel gussets and supports a max weight of 925 Lb. Each of the 3 standard 2” receivers are 6” deep. The frame body is constructed with 1/4" thick steel and the main receiver hitch sleeve is made of 3/8” steel.

DIMENSIONS: The overall height of the 3 trash can grabber adapter will be 5” and will have an overall width of 71”” with the main hitch sleeve measuring 12” long. The hitch sleeve will also have 3 mounting holes that are 3.5” apart, center to center. The receivers are spaced 34” apart, center to center.


- Designed to be used with the sub compact tractor’s 3pt hydraulic lift hitch.
- Fits standard 2” receiver hitch.
- Add up to 3 Trash Grabbers to Lift and secures your garbage can by hooking to your trash can’s metal bar.
- Sleeve has 3 mounting holes to sit perfectly in your receiver hitch.
- Makes carrying garbage cans down long or steep driveways safe and easy.
- Bundle includes 3 Titan Trash Grabbers and 1 Triple Adapter.
- 4 Hitch Pins Included! 

- Overall Weight: 61 LB
- Triple Adapter Weight: 37 LB
- Trash Grabber Weight: 8 LB each
- 3 Receiver Hitches Length: 6”
- Main Hitch Sleeve Length: 12”
- Triple Grabber Adapter: 71” wide x 5” high x 17.75” deep Overall
- 3 Mounting Holes on Sleeve are 3.5” apart
- Trash Grabber Height: 12”
- Trash Grabber Length: 13.5”
- Hitch Sleeve Length: 12”
- Trash Grabber Hook: 4” wide x 2.5” high x 1.75” deep
- Weight Capacity: 925 LB

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