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snow blowers

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3 point snow blowers

if you live in an area that gets several feet of snow during winter, you need to invest in a snow blower. a snow blower is a piece of equipment used to throw snow out of the way. the blower uses a spinning auger to push the snow to a chute that directs the snow to the side of the road. you can use a snow blower to clear snow from sidewalks, paths, and driveways. there are two types of snow blowers, single-stage and two-stage. the single-stage snow blower has one auger. the two-stage snow blower has a main auger and a rotating auger in the discharge chute that moves the snow and throws it farther. here is what you need to know about how a 3-point snow blower works.

titan snow blower attachment features & specifications

the titan attachment snow blower connects directly to the category 1, 3-point of your tractor. the blower comes with a pto shaft that you connect directly to the power take-off. the 3-point snow blower also comes with a chute directed to the ideal position to throw the snow. there are other titan snow blower attachment features and specifications to know about.

the snow blower comes with adjustable skid shoes. the skid shoes protect your road and land, and they extend the life of your 5-foot titan attachment blower. the skid shoes have two adjustable positions.

the auger is constructed with heavy-duty steel and is ideal for any snow. ribbons are welded on the auger and are designed to break up wet and compacted snow. the gearbox transfers power from the pto to the 21-inch fan with five blades. the blades break up and blow the unwanted snow to the chute. the chute has a manual rotation and deflection. the blower has a 1-inch wide drive chain with lower lift chains and operates at 540 rpm.

the overall height of the blower is 25 inches, and the cutting width is 60 inches. the chute has a diameter of 8 inches while the auger is 14 inches wide. the five-bladed fan has a diameter of 21 inches, and the blades are 3/16 inches thick. the snow chute is 22 inches high and has a deflector with a depth of 9 inches. the pto shaft is 28.5 inches long.

titan offers you suitable snow blower attachments. you can enjoy free shipping and a one-year warranty when you shop with us.

how a 3-point snow blower works

a frequent question is how a 3-point snow blower works. here are tips for operating the snow blower.

  • lock down the snow blower and ensure it is level from front to back.
  • attach the pto shaft to the tractor and close the driveline shield. attach the pto safety chain.
  • adjust the two skid shoes to an inch of ground clearance.
  • at the site of clearance, adjust the chute to blow the snow to the direction you want.
  • adjust the deflector angle to blow the snow to the preferred distance.

snow blowers that fit john deere

are there snow blowers that fit john deere? the titan category 1, 3-point snow blower can fit john deere.

a snow blower comes in handy during winter. the equipment saves you time when getting rid of the snow in your yard or farm.