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3 point post hole diggers

shoveling dirt is messy and excruciating. however, this job is sometimes unavoidable since you have to dig holes when planting trees or installing fencing. the best post hole diggers have been designed to ease the hassle of drilling holes. you can choose between a simple manual model or a powered post hole digger. a three-point post hole digger is mounted on a tractor, and the pto is used to power the post digger. here's a guide on how to use a post hole digger and some facts about three-point post hole diggers.

titan post hole digger features

titan produces some of the best manual and automatic hole diggers. what are some titan post hole digger features? the boom and frame material is made from 27/8-inch-high strength steel tubing. the digger comes with a standard three-point connection. the post hole digger also has safety shields on the driveline for tractors with more than 60-horsepower systems. titan post hole diggers can easily integrate with a three-point connection and pto of your tractor.

the titan post hole digger can be used by tractors with 25 to 65 horsepower. the steel auger comes with replaceable cutting edges that can be bolted up, and the cutting edges maintain a steady boring speed. the post hole digger features a shear bolt driveline protection. this protection prevents equipment damage when the hole digger comes across an immovable object. the digger also comes with a complete instruction manual with matching 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch augers.

how to use a post hole digger

a post hole digger is the most accurate way to dig holes. knowing how to use a post hole digger needs to be a priority. before handling any piece of equipment, read the operator’s manual. follow these steps when using a post hole digger:

  • call 811 to mark your underground utility lines for free. also, indicate the areas where you intend to make the holes.
  • plot the exact location of the hole before you start digging.
  • move the tractor with the post hole digger and auger over the location of the first hole. the auger needs to be in a vertical position.
  • lower the auger point to the ground and engage the pto. increase the speed of the pto for the auger to penetrate the ground.
  • as you continue to drill down, you need to move the tractor slightly forward to ensure that the hole is straight.
  • once you achieve the desired depth, raise and lower the auger to clear the hole from any dirt.
  • remove the auger from the hole, disconnect the pto, and then move to the next hole.

why you need a post hole digger

are you wondering why you need a post hole digger? you'll be glad to know that this tool is valuable to farmers. here are some other reasons why you need a post hole digger:

  • post hole diggers are easy to use. one person can use post hole diggers, and minimal effort is required. you just pick up the digger, connect to the tractor’s pto, and start making holes.
  • post hole diggers will give you a neater hole with uniform circumference for all holes. the digger will easily make holes in both hard and soft soil layers.
  • post hole diggers are perfect for simple tasks. replacing rotten fence posts will not only be easier for you but will also be convenient. the digger is efficient for both large-scale and small-scale projects.

as a farmer, a post hole digger is an efficient tool that will make your life simpler. ultimately, the choice will depend on the number and size of holes you want to create.