3 Point Log Splitters

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3 point quick hitch

a quick hitch is an implement attached to a tractor to make your farming life easier. there are many products that you can use as a farmer. thus, you must look for the ideal quick hitch. a 3-point hitch acts as an adapter that connects the back of your tractor to the equipment that you need to use. the category number depends on the size and power required by the equipment. the cat 0 is smaller than the cat 1. here are some more tips for choosing a 3-point quick hitch for your tractor.

titan 3-point quick hitch design & features

the titan 3-point quick hitch is designed to receive cat 2 implements. however, the quick hitch can also receive cat 1 implements through conversion bushings. the following are some titan 3-point quick hitch designs and features.

  • the hitch has a durable and lightweight design. the quick hitch has been constructed with a 4-by-4-inch tubular steel reinforced with gauge steel gusset plates. additionally, the quick hitch is coated with powder to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • the adapter is convertible to handle cat 1 or 2. thus, you can easily connect the tractor to other 3-point implements, saving time and labor.
  • the adapter does not need welding nor modifications to attach to the tractor. you just need to back your tractor to the end of the adapter, hook to the top link bar and connect the lower lift pins.

choosing a 3-point quick hitch for your tractor

choosing a 3-point quick hitch for your tractor can be a complicated task. there are a couple of factors for you to consider. for one, quick hitches do not provide a perfect fit for your implements. therefore, some modifications need to be carried out to ensure some pieces of equipment fit.

you need to consider the category of your tractor. the category will guide you on the most suitable quick hitch. be sure to get the correct measurements on the equipment that you use on your farm. the right measurements will ensure that the hooking points have the correct height and width to fit all the equipment.

next, take the overall design into consideration. apart from the quality of the material, also look into the value it offers. some changeable materials, such as bolts, are of lesser quality.

how does a 3-point quick hitch work?

if you've been wondering, "how does a 3-point quick hitch work?", we have the answer. a quick hitch is often attached at the back of the tractor. your farm implements will then be attached to the quick hitch easily. a quick hitch comes in two mechanisms. the retaining system of the hitch retains the system that locates the attachment pins. the safety system, on the other hand, prevents disengagement of the attachment in case the primary system fails. the safety system also prevents the attachment from swaying in case the retention system fails.

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