48” Lightweight 3 Point Rotary Tiller | Cat 1 & 2
Item No. 191484
48” Lightweight 3 Point Rotary Tiller | Cat 1 & 2 Attachments 191484 LWRT125
Item No. 191484
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This 3pt rotary tiller features a Category 1 & 2 hitch, PTO to gear driven, 36 tines, and can work up to 8" deep!


The 48" Lightweight Rotary Tiller from Titan Attachments™ is the perfect addition to your arsenal. This unit features a Category 1 & 2 hitch, PTO to gear driven, 36 tines, and can work up to 8" deep! Each of the 6 flanges consists of 6 blades for a total of 36 tines. This gives the maximum breakup of the top soil even in packed ground and hard conditions. This 3pt rotary tiller is perfect for landscaping and seed beds. Use it anytime you need to break up the top soil level and with a tilling width of 48”, you can save time by loosening more land during each pass. The maximum tilling depth is 8” with each flange containing 6 left and right-handed L-shaped tine blades for optimal performance. This 3 point tiller will come equipped with cat 1 & cat 2 step pins, top link pin and a telescoping PTO Shaft that can be extended from 22” to 30”. The tiller will also feature a kick stand for easy stand up storage and a rear door for easy access and maintenance. The gear box will be shipped dry and require SAE 90 fluid only. Grease zerks are also added to the tiller for easy lubrication and maintenance.

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The 48” 3 point tiller is designed to be lighter but still efficient at tilling your land or garden bed for seeding. With the 36 total tines, you can break up compacted and touch soil conditions and prepare it for seeding and planting.

GREAT FOR CONSTRUCTION AND LANDSCAPING: This Titan Rotary Tiller is designed to make loosening your top soil easier and faster than ever. Use it to penetrate the ground and loosen up to the top 8” of soil to make planting and seeding easy. Use it to break up tough or compact ground.

FITS CATEGORY 1 & 2 3-POINT HITCH: This lightweight 3-Point Rotary Tiller is equipped with category 1 & 2 step pins. This tiller will also come equipped with the top link pin and is quick hitch compatible. This allows you to use the rotary tiller on category 1 and 2 tractors without the need for adapters. Get the job done with Titan Attachments.

6 FLANGES WITH 36 TOTAL TINE BLADES: The 48” rotary tiller comes equipped with 6 total flanges. Each flange will consist of 6 tine blades that are right and left handed and offset. Having these handed offset blades allows for maximum efficiency when dealing with compact and tough soil conditions.

DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the 3pt rotary tiller is 55”. The working tilling width is 48” and will have a max penetration depth of 8”. The overall height is 33-1/2" with an overall depth of 28”. The entire unit will weigh only 510 LB making it ideal for 3 points with a lower lifting capacity.

- Lightweight design for lower capacity tractors.
- Powder Coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
- Left and right handed L-shaped tine blades for optimal performance.
- 3 Adjustable ski heights.
- 22” to 30” Telescoping PTO Shaft Included.
- Category 1 & 2 Lower Step Pins and Top Link Pin Included.

- Weight: 510 LB
- Overall Dimensions: 55” Wide x 33-1/2" High x 28” Deep
- Tilling Width: 48”
- Tine Swing: 18”
- Tine Thickness: 1/4"
- Flanges: 6
- Tine Blades per Flange: 6
- Drive Type: Gear Driven / PTO with Shear Pin
- PTO Shaft RPM: 540 rpm
- Rotor Shaft RPM: 214 rpm
- Connection type: Category 1 & 2 3-Point Hitch

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov<

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