3-Point Middle Buster | Category 1
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3-Point Middle Buster | Category 1 Attachments 191331 MIDBUSTR
Item No. 191331
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The Titan Attachments™ 3pt Middle Buster is designed to create furrows for veggies and great at harvesting potatoes and other rooted vegetables. This middle buster connects to your tractor’s category 1, 3-pt hitch and does not require hydraulics. This 3 point middle buster is equipped with a 15” double winged cutting blade for single rows and will easily cut through tough compacted soil. We have powder coated the heavy-duty steel to protect against rust and corrosion, keeping the middle buster looking and performing like new for years to come. The middle buster implement is quick hitch compatible and will come equipped with the lower lift pins and the top link pin. 

GREAT FOR PLANTING AND HARVESTING: The 3 Pt Middle Buster is the ideal tool for planting and harvest root vegetables such as potatoes. No more using a pitchfork to bring them up from underground. Attach this implement to your tractor and watch as it plows and lifts them from under the soil. Create 15” furrows for planting your next crop.

CATEGORY 1 3 POINT: This middle buster comes ready to attach directly to your Tractor’s Category 1, 3Pt hitch without any modifications, bolting or welding required. Back your tractor right up to the back of the 3pt middle buster, hook into the top link bar and connect your lower lift pins. It is that easy!

QUICK HITCH COMPATIBLE: This 3 point attachment is category 1, quick hitch compatible. Now you can easily attach this middle buster to your tractor quickly effortlessly. With your quick hitch already attached to your tractor, simply back up to the implement, lift and lock, and you are ready to break ground.

EVERYTHING INCLUDED TO GET YOU STARTED: This Category 1 Middle Buster will include the winged 15” furrower blade for making single rows. We have also included the lower lift pins and the top link pin, letting you harvest those rooted vegetables faster!

DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the cat 1 middle buster is  31” wide and 38.5" high. The blade size is 19”x11” and with the winged design, will plow 15” wide furrows. The overall weight of the implement is 69 LB.


- Quick Hitch Compatible.
- Designed to fit Category 1, 3-Point Tractors.
- Powder Coated to help prevent rust and corrosion.
- Lower Lift Pins and Top Link pin are included.
- Great for planting and harvesting rooted vegetables like potatoes.
- Can also be used for creating a drainage ditch and creating garden rows.

- Weight: 69 LB
- Dimensions: 31” Wide x 38-1/2" High
- 3 Point Type: Category 1
- Blade Size: 19” x 11”
- Furrow Width: 15”

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov<

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