3 Point Flail Mowers

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3 point flail mowers

flail mowers have been around for a long time. they are the best choice of mowers for large-scale mowing. the mowers are favored for park maintenance, estate conservators, and highway mowing. a flail mower is a heavy-duty mower that clears thick and tall weeds and brushes. these mowers clear any vegetation that cannot be removed by the standard mower. three-point flail mowers can clear vegetation in slopes, ditches, and corners. this guide will help you with how to choose a flail mower.

how to choose a flail mower

a flail mower is purchased as a 3 point attachment that is pulled behind your tractor. when deciding how to choose a flail mower, keep in mind the flail mower maintenance needs as well as replacement parts. if you need a flail mower, consider the following tips:


  • when choosing a flail mower, consider its overall weight and the resistance when mowing. compare these two factors to the tractor’s horsepower. if your tractor is small and meant to pull a simple trailer, the flail mower may be too heavy. before selecting any model of flail mower, check the towing capacity of your tractor.
  • you should also consider the clearance width of the flail mower. a wider flail mower will make it easier for you to mow your field. however, ensure that the mower will fit in your property and is not too wide. also, check the clearance needed around any outbuildings and trees.
  • a good flail mower should have a height adjustment option. when the brush is cut too low, it will encourage soil erosion, a lot of new growth, and insect infestation. the height adjustment feature will also help you in cutting vegetation at the right height to reduce frequent mowing.
  • the blades of a flail mower are known as knives. invest in a flail mower with a higher knife count to reduce cleanup after cutting. if the grass on your property is thick, a flail mower with a smaller knife count is recommended. flail mowers with a higher knife count cut vegetation more quickly, and the knives last longer.

titan flail mower features & performance

the titan flail mower features and performance are designed to perform best when connected to a tractor. the pto-powered mower will function best at between 30 horsepower and 65 horsepower. the pto powers the gearbox that, in turn, influences the knife shaft cutting the mowed material. the mower is fitted with a heavy roller at the back to smooth performance, even in rough terrain. the flail mower is equipped with three belts and can mulch up to 3-inch diameter material.


the titan flail mower has a 0.25-inch side plate and a 4-inch diameter roller that is perfect for maintaining orchards, fields, and other farm properties. the forged hammer flails will ensure ideal mowing results. these mowers have been designed for tractors that can maintain an average of 5 acres 10 times annually.


flail mower maintenance & replacement parts

due to wear and tear, you need to know the flail mower maintenance and replacement parts. most maintenance procedures involve lubrication and drive belt replacement. here are a few recommendations:


  • the gearbox needs to be frequently lubricated. before touching the gearbox, ensure that it is sufficiently cooled. check the oil level at 50-hour intervals. the oil levels need to be filled up if they are below the line of the level plug. change the oil after the first 50 working hours and subsequently after each 500 working hours.
  • the three-point hitch should also be lubricated. grease should be injected into the nipples at the lower part of the shifting tube. moreover, inject grease at the nipples on the rod-tie of the hitch.
  • frequently check the drive belts. if one of them appears worn-out, replace the whole set. check the manufacturer’s manual for how to replace the drive belts.

a flail mower is an essential farm tool in mowing your garden, field, and lawn. this guide should help you in choosing the best flail mower for your property.