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5 Results
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3 point box blades

titan, a true market leader, makes and sells equipment for farm use as well as attachments for tractors, skid-steers, and the like. our primary focus currently is the 3-point wood chippers, skid steer tree removal attachments, and skid steer pallet forks. here, we'll unravel some important titan 3-point box blade features and what you need to know before you buy.

before we start, what is a 3-point box blade? this blade is like any other box blade except for the fact that it is a 3-sided metal box. it features bottom scraping blades that are spread out across the bottom rear panel. used to primarily spread soil or gravel, it is the perfect pairing for grading, leveling, and sometimes, for backfilling an area of land. these box blades help you dig out the land more efficiently than manual labor.

titan 3-point box blade features

titan's 3-point box blade lowers your burden to efficiently clear space in dirt and gravel. our titan 3-point box blade features a design that has the strength needed for yard work, landscaping, gardening, grading, and backfilling (among other things).

the blade cuts down on the unnecessary purchase of the extra gravel by digging up the land and leveling it with a very potent scarifier. thanks to the extra pushing power, you can use the back-cutting edge and roll-formed moldboard to get an effect that is much like a bulldozer.

proper care is crucial to keep these blades performing at their highest capacity. do not drive into a high dirt pile at high speeds; the overstressing could damage the blades. instead, make your way to the top of the pile and with the utmost care, pushing the dirt off the top followed by dragging the blade forward.

what are tractor box blades?

as useful as these tools are, you may still wonder, “what are tractor box blades, and how can they help with my project?" box blades are equipment that is used on tractors and to help in efficient smoothing and contouring of land. it attaches to your tractor through the 3-pitch hitch.

box blades comprise rear and front blades that help in the scaping of the land. box blades use metal teeth called scarifiers that help them dig into the soil and shape the land as desired.

how to choose the right size box blade for your tractor

with the different sizes and options available, you need to know how to choose the right size box blade for your tractor to get the right performance. first, you must buy a box blade that is wider than your rear tires, keeping it steady as you move back and forth while working on a shallow trench.

the weight of the box blade has to be taken into consideration as well. in order to get a perfect fit, for every 12 inches width of the rear tire, you would require at least 100 pounds width of the box blade.

we at titan believe in super quality at low prices and have built our reputation as a great and reliable source for farming-related equipment. we also take pride in our ability to offer free shipping on all orders. our easy-to-use website gives our customers a smooth experience, and we're proud to make customer satisfaction a top priority.