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3 point ballast box

installing a ballast box on your tractor is one of the most effective ways to prevent it from potentially tipping over. ultimately, it does so by working to shift the weight from the front of your tractor, which is lighter, to the back. the back of the tractor, which is better equipped to handle the burden of the load, then takes on the primary bulk of your tractor's weight. additionally, it's easily customizable, meaning you can add or remove up to 800 additional pounds to your tractor as needed. below, we've outlined all the information you need to know in choosing a ballast box for your tractor.

titan ballast box attachment types

there are several titan ballast box attachment types. the one that works best for you will depend upon several factors. these boxes are all 3 point attachments. the ballast box connects in three separate areas, one along the top to your top link arm and one on each side to your lower lift arms.

then, there are different types of ballast boxes. the boxes contain the labels cat 0, cat 1 and cat 2. the categories refer to the tractor and its ability to handle heavy loads. your tractor's hitch will have a category. the category indicates what size and weight capacities your tractor's hitch can handle and the size of the top link and lower lift pins..

choosing a ballast box

choosing a ballast box, ultimately, depends on the category your tractor can handle. however, there is typically some information in the owner's manual to help you determine the best ballast box for your tractor. there are some key things to keep in mind, however.

for instance, a ballast box's overall goal is to limit your wheel slip to between 10% and 15%. getting to this range is the primary function of a ballast box. it will prevent your tractor from tipping over due to uneven weight distribution.

ultimately, you'll want to select a ballast box that fits your tractor's capabilities and your project needs.

cat 0, cat 1 and cat 2 ballast boxes

there are several primary differences between cat 0, cat 1 and cat 2 ballast boxes. ultimately, the category you'll select for your ballast box depends on your tractor's rating. the primary differences between these categories are the pin's size and the distance between the arms, which directly impacts the weight distribution for your tractor.

overall, ballast boxes are highly important as they reduce the chance of tipping. review your owner's manual to determine the right ballast box and weight for your tractor.