17 Results
Titan Attachments LWBackhoe null null
$3,75497 $3,754.97 - $4,12997 $4,129.97
Attachments 122501 null null
$4,49999 $4,499.99 $3,99997 $3,999.97
Attachments 122500 null null
$4,19999 $4,199.99 $3,82997 $3,829.97
Attachments 120001 null null
$6499 $64.99 $5397 $53.97
Attachments 122920 null null
$23999 $239.99 $18597 $185.97
Attachments 122917 null null
$26999 $269.99 $20497 $204.97
Attachments 122915 null null
$29999 $299.99 $23497 $234.97
Attachments 122912 null null
$32999 $329.99 $24497 $244.97
Attachments 122905 null null
$38999 $389.99 $29997 $299.97
Attachments 122991 null null
$16499 $164.99 $14997 $149.97
Attachments 123111 null null
$22999 $229.99 $19997 $199.97
Attachments 123112 null null
$23999 $239.99 $20997 $209.97
Attachments 123113 null null
$24999 $249.99 $21997 $219.97
Attachments 122910 null null
$35999 $359.99 $26997 $269.97
Attachments 122990 null null
$1,64999 $1,649.99 $1,51997 $1,519.97
Attachments 122504 null null
$47499 $474.99
Attachments 122505 null null
$49999 $499.99 $46997 $469.97

3 Point Backhoes

A backhoe is an excavation machine made up of a tractor base that supports the digging bucket. The bucket is placed at the end of a jointed two-point arm, and a front loader is fitted at the opposite side of the backhoe. Backhoes can be used in small demolitions, construction, and transportation of building materials. The machine is also useful in landscaping, excavation, and breaking asphalt. Here are some additional Titan backhoe attachment features.

Titan Backhoe Attachment Features

The Titan backhoe attachment features a heavy-duty design with high quality materials. The backhoe has smooth controls to make operating it effortless. It has dual swing cylinders, swing cushioning, and a controllable hydraulic Italian valve to make operations steady and gentle. While using the backhoe, you will rarely experience jerky movements or poor performance.

The boom of the Titan BK series backhoe is curved, making it more efficient, and you can easily lower or raise the boom while using the backhoe attachment. The curved design prevents the boom from touching the edge of the excavator and the soil from falling back into the hole. With this equipment, you can excavate efficiently.

The Titan backhoe attachment is made from heavy-duty steel that withstands harsh weather conditions. Thus, you should not worry about rust or oxidation. A powder coating has been used to reinforce the durability of the backhoe, making it sturdier.

How a Backhoe Works

Many people wonder how a backhoe works. The boom arm is the actual hoe section of a backhoe. It is capable of excavating a wide range of materials. For wider digging capability, the bucket attachments can be swapped. The backhoe works using the hydraulic machinery concept. The forces are transmitted through oil to various points. Distance and force are the main concepts at work. The piston on the left adjusts the force you apply and the distance the piston moves. Pressure on the left piston moves the fluid, applying pressure on the right piston.

Cat 1 vs Cat 2 Backhoes

Since most of you probably know how a backhoe works, you might be wondering what the difference is between cat 1 and cat 2 backhoes? Cat 1 hitches are typically for tractors with 20 to 50 horsepower. Cat 2 backhoes tend to mount to tractors that have 50 to 90 horsepower. You can also confirm with your dealer which category 3 point your tractor has.

Attaching & Removing a Backhoe

Attaching and removing a backhoe isn't too challenging. To attach a backhoe, you'll want to do the following:

To remove a backhoe, follow these steps:

Backhoes are great to use for farming, construction work, and landscaping. Make sure you take all of the features of a backhoe into account to make sure you get the right one.